Total Transformation for the 50+ Woman

Our mission is to empower women to take back control. 

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24 Week Program

A fail-proof system with 100+ workouts and step by step fitness training.

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360+ meals, complete with shopping lists, recipes, and measurements.


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Your Trainer—

Aaron Schow has been a personal trainer for over 20 years. He is a NCSA certified personal trainer with extensive experience with strength and conditioning. Aaron loves helping people overcome obstacles, and he’s excited to help you reach your goals!

Your Dietician—

Leslee Blanch is a registered dietician, licensed with the state of Idaho with 25 years of clinical and community nutrition experience. She received her degree in Dietetics from UC Davis. Leslee is a strong proponent for sustainable eating patterns that both meet and maintain weight and health goals, and she’s excited to help you make sustainable adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.

Kathy's Journey

Kathy turned 68 years old and realized she needed to get her health back. SheGold helped her do a, b, and c. 

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When you join SheGold, you join a community of women who are shifting paradigms, breaking boundaries, and pushing limits. Are you ready to transform your life? 

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